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Terry Harrison

This is a Student range of brushes endorsed by Terry Harrison for the well established brush company Pro Arte based in Yorkshire in the UK. These brushes are not the same as Terry's brushes and are not made of the same hair, but many can be used in conjunction with various books and DVDs by Terry Harrison  already on the market. These brushes are intended for students and those with lower budgets.
Each brush type is available in three sizes giving you, the choice to suit your individual style and scale of painting. The small brushes are suitable for very small works up to perhaps 7 x 10 inches. The medium brushes are similar in size to my Artist range, suitable for works up to 15 x 22 inches. The larger brushes are for bigger works.
The price structure is really simple, three prices, for the three sizes. 
This range of brushes have anthracite ferrules and pearl handles, an attractive addition to your brush collection.
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